Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Evolution of Hip-Hop Music

Hip-hop has been a very controversial topic these days. Some are saying the hip-hop is the cause of some violence and crimes. Is it really true or people are just blaming hip-hop to draw the attention of violence and crime to another direction?

It has been years since hip-hop music was born in the industry of music. From the simple beats and flows to the complicated ones became it's whole story. People this days still see hip-hop music as a part of a gang's life style. What they do not know is that there are different kinds of hip-hop music. There is what we call R and B, Urban and Underground.

R and B is the type of music that is acceptable and most listen to. most of the R and B music doesn't talk about violence and relates to partying. These type of music is most popular to those who enjoy partying and clubbing.

Urban hip-hop is the type of hip-hop music that they say could be related to violence. The lyrics in this type of music most likely talks about war, violence, sex and crime. Urban music is also being linked to gangs because of it's content in it's lyrics and style.

Underground hip-hop is the worst of the 3 types. The lyrics contains cursing and a lot of bad words. Most of the underground music is not released in the public or not included in any album. the artists of these type of music varies from signed to unsigned artists.

In the old days there was no underground type of hip-hop music. Even for urban hip-hop, it wasn't as popular as R and B. But there were those who still created Urban hip-hop and it was said to be the cause of violence and crime. I won't agree to that because people are just saying that so that those who are committing will not have all the attention. You cannot blame music because of it's lyrics. if people will commit crime it's their own fault because they did it. It was their decision to do it and music has nothing to do with it. The lyrics may contain such lyrics as "kill your enemy". If the listener killed his enemy it's still the fault of the person. He is so stupid that he killed someone because the lyrics of the song said so. Lyrics should only be appreciated and not applied. Some lyrics could be applied in real life but be practical. If you think it is not right to apply in real life then you should know. A music cannot think and control but a human being can.