Sunday, April 19, 2009

Asul De Pamilya (History)

How Did Asul De Pamilya Start?

Asul De Pamilya is a merged Group between Asul De Pamilya (ADP) and C-Rhyme. ADP was officially established July 27, 2008. Screening nor Application was not really necessary, our group had several member whose passion is writing lyrics and spitting it on the mic.

Members Consist of:
Kzee, Kwak-C, Rhadeekal, Ghetto Prince, Erra, Raccet and Skye

Equipments we use for recording are really simple yet effective. We do not have our own studio like other recording groups, it is only pure Home Recording. Asul De Pamilya, meaning "The Blue Family", has been in the Music industry for almost 4 years now. But the new and revised "Asul De Pamilya" has been in the Music Industry has only been in action for 9 months (as of April 19, 2009).

Our First Show (gig) was Performed in San Fernando, La Union. We were invited by local artists of La Union**(Pictures and more info will be posted soon)**. It was unexpected that we would continue our progress in creating a different kind of music for the Filipino people (specially Baguio City). But as time passed by, we noticed that many people appreciated our Music. This is the main reason why Asul De Pamilya is still here and continuing to entertain people.

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